Clean Tech Innovator Pitching Sessions


BusinessGreen are keen to showcase some of the most exciting clean technology providers operating in the UK and provide them with a unique platform to present their cutting edge innovations to prospective customers, investors, partners, and stakeholders.

The UK's most exciting clean tech companies will deliver 4 minute pitches to the Technology Festival audience. The audience will vote for the favourite pitch in each category across Energy, Transport, Builidngs and a Wildcard catagory.


Towards Net Zero Energy

Can your technology support, enable or accelerate the emergence of a net zero emission energy system? Can it help businesses and public sector bodies curb energy-related greenhouse gas emissions in an affordable and effective manner? If so, it could help overcome the challenge of decarbonising the UK's energy system.

Pitching Companies:

C-Capture Ltd.

Towards Net Zero Transport

Does your technology contribute to the development of a net zero transport system, be it across the fields of road, rail, aviation, shipping or infrastructure? Can it help corporates, the public sector, and other organisations drastically reduce their carbon emissions and enhance their environmental performance? The Towards Net Zero Transport Challenge offers a chance to showcase some of the most innovative green transport solutions available today to a highly influential audience.

Pitching Companies:

SOMI Trailers Ltd
Zero Avia
Syzygy Consulting

Towards Net Zero Buildings and Infrastructure

Buildings and infrastructure need to be fully decarbonised, and yet remain a major source of UK greenhouse gas emissions. That is the core of the Towards Net Zero Buildings and Infrastructure Challenge. Can your technology deliver tangible emissions savings in our built environment and across our infrastructure? If so, the opportunity is there to highlight the green progress being made in this most important of sectors.

Pitching Companies:

Senergy Innovations
Naked Energy Ltd

Towards Net Zero Wildcard

Does your technology contribute to the net zero transition in other ways? Could it help accelerate deep decarbonisation through improved resource efficiency, material and design improvements, land use changes, carbon capture, or any other field? Then it could secure victory in the inaugural BusinessGreen Technology Challenge.

Pitching Companies:

Tried and Supplied