Carbon Limiting Technologies


Carbon Limiting Technologies (CLT) works with industry and government to commercialise low carbon innovations and accelerate clean growth. We run incubation and acceleration programmes and have helped over 350 low carbon innovators commercialise new, clean technologies since 2006. We also facilitate industrial partnerships between large corporates and SMEs by helping them find, select and partner with the most promising companies. As a trusted delivery partner for Government, CLT develops and runs multi-year programmes, including leading BEIS's £72m Energy Entrepreneurs Fund since 2012. Through the FCO and DIT, CLT helps UK businesses boost exports by analysing global markets and matching skills at home with needs abroad.




At Crické we make insect-based savoury snacks, outrageously tasty and high in sustainable protein. We combine all-natural ingredients with cricket powder -a great low-impact source of complete protein, vitamins, and minerals. Our products deliver insect-based nutrition in a very discrete form helping people overcoming the taboo of eating insects. All our snacks are high in protein and vitamin B12, source of fibre. Why crickets? Crickets have 2x more protein than beef, more iron than spinach, more calcium than milk, and require drastically less land, water, feed and energy than traditional protein sources. So, your kids won't have to move to Mars! We launched our Cricket Crackers to challenge the healthy snack market. Keep your body singing at





Kaluza is OVO Group's intelligent energy platform able to connect and control millions of smart devices across people's homes, such as electric vehicles, heaters and batteries. The machine learning platform introduces new flexibility into the energy system by optimising individual devices to use energy during off-peak hours, when costs and carbon are lower. Working with a range of industry-leading hardware manufacturers, energy suppliers and grid operators, Kaluza is driving the global transition to a distributed and secure, zero-carbon grid.




Recycleye's vision is to accelerate the world's transition towards a circular economy by providing image recognition tools to enable smarter characterisation, ubiquitous tracking and automated sorting of waste. By leveraging 21st century technologies such as computer vision and deep learning Recycleye is disrupting the traditional waste industry. The company is an Imperial College spinout.

VOLT Bikes


VOLTTM is a multiple award-winning leading UK manufacturer focused on producing high-end, stylish and affordable electric bikes that make active transport accessible to all. Founded in 2008 by brothers James and Lyle Metcalfe, VOLTTM has become a brand recognised for quality, reliability, performance and exceptional value. Designing e-bikes that are beautiful and don't look "too electric" was and still is the starting point for any of VOLT's models. This approach has transformed the British market and secured VOLTTM's popularity among commuters, adventurers and businesses alike, encouraging more people to take up a healthier, non-polluting mode of transport.