Programme List - BusinessGreen Technology Festival 2019



Registration and breakfast



Welcome address

James Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessGreen


Headline Partner: Opening address


Headliner: Shaping the 21st Century: How to engineer a step change in the net zero transition?


  • The UK has made an impressive start to the net zero transition, but is still well-off track for delivering the required trajectory - how can innovation help deliver the necessary change of pace?
  • What are the main hurdles for green tech innovation to overcome?
  • How can investors and corporates support a rapid transition?
  • How can innovators and corporates work more effectively together?
Sir John Armitt, Chairman, National Express Group, City & Guilds Group and National Infrastructure Commission


Headliner Panel: Mainstreaming clean tech innovation 

The net zero transition will necessarily require the fastest and most wide-ranging technology revolution since the first Industrial Revolution. As such the rapid development and deployment of innovative new technologies is absolutely critical. But how can businesses and policymakers create an environment that catalyses such innovation right across the economy? And once innovative new technologies have emerged, as is the case in many clean tech fields, how can deployment at scale be accelerated? This panel session will explore the barriers faced by clean tech innovators and how they can be torn down.

James Diggle, Head of Energy and Climate Change, CBI
Sarah Merrick, Founder and CEO, Ripple Energy
Laura Sandys, Independent Director, SGN Network


Spotlight session: Protect what you have - making sense of IP complexity (IP Law Overview).

The world of IP can be a confusing place for the uninitiated. This talk will address some common questions that arise, to help you understand the types of protection that are available, and what the best strategies might be for you to protect your business

Dan Cooney, Partner and Patent Attorney, J A Kemp



Morning break, networking, innovator demonstrations



⭐ Net Zero Technology Challenge - Innovator Pitching Sessions ⭐

As part of the BusinessGreen Technology Awards and the Net Zero Now Campaign BusinessGreen has this year set four challenges that will look to identify technologies that can play a critical role in the UK's net zero transition. Challenges will cover energy, buildings, transport, and a wildcard category.

  • Entrants to the awards can put themselves forward to deliver a four-minute pitch as part of the festival, detailing how their technologies can contribute towards the net zero challenge.
  • Three entrants in each category will be selected by the awards judges to pitch.
  • The audience will vote for their favourite in each category, as well as their favourite overall, with an award going to each winner.
The UK's most exciting clean tech providers pitch their technologies to the audience! Audience vote for the winners in each category. Click here to find out more.


Lunch & expo stand demonstrations / assisted networking


In Conversation With: 

A leading figure in sustainability innovation will discuss the route to market for innovative green technologies, the current clean tech innovation landscape, and where the biggest opportunities lie.

Innovator Zone


Workshop - Setting the pace: How to accelerate the scale up phase

How do you get from the 'next big idea in clean tech' to a successful company delivering a large-scale positive impact? This session will explore how clean tech start-ups at varying stages in their growth journey have overcome the barriers and seized the opportunities presented by the green economy?

Andrew Wordsworth, Founder and Managing Director, Sustainable Ventures
Susannah McClintock, Investment Director, Sustainable Ventures
14:35– 14:50

Afternoon Break

14:50– 15:35

Panel discussion - Communicating Change: How to turbocharge your marketing strategy

With the green technology and wider sustainability space more competitive than ever, how can companies harness effective marketing tools to stand out from the crowd, create a compelling narrative, and drive rapid growth?

Anna Guyer, Founder, Greenhouse PR
Victoria Page, Founder, VP Comms
Guy Pattison, CEO and Cofounder, Stronger Stories and Clean+Cool

Deployment Zone

13:50– 14:35

Workshop - Deployment stories: Deploying new green technologies efficiently and effectively

Hear from a leading industry figure with direct experience of navigating the journey from pilot to full roll out, on how to successfully deliver innovative technologies at scale.

Mike Barry, Sustainable Change Maker and former Director of Sustainable Business (Plan A), Marks and Spencer
14:35– 14:50

Afternoon Break

14:50– 15:35

Panel discussion - Incorporating new tech: Hedging your bets or going all in?

Innovative new green technologies can increase efficiency, reduce emissions and waste, and open up new revenue opportunities. But they can also require hefty upfront investment, present technical challenges, and disrupt the way the business operates. Our panel discusses how to minimise the risks and maximise the benefits associated with any clean technology deployment.

Simon Daniel, CEO & Founder, Moixa
Toddington Harper, CEO, GRIDSERVE

Finance Zone

13:50– 14:35

Workshop - Maximising investment appeal: what do investors and grant funders want from clean tech

Tom Kennard, one of the Directors from Granted Consultancy, will discuss the current R&D funding landscape, revealing the best funding opportunities currently available to CleanTech innovators and how to maximise your chance of success.

Tom Kennard, Director, Granted Consultancy
14:35– 14:50

Afternoon Break

14:50 – 15:35

Panel discussion- Winning over finance: Building the business case for early stage technology

The green investment sector is going from strength to strength, but major challenges remain as funds work to mobilise the level of investment required by the net zero transition and identify the innovators who offer the most promising returns? This session will explore the trends impacting early to mid-stage investors and ask how the investment community can work more effectively with start-ups and corporates to drive the next phase of green economic development.

Beverley Gower-Jones, Founder and CEO, Carbon Limiting Technologies
Jonny Page, Green Investments & Partnerships,Cyan Finance
Cam Ross, Director, Green Angel Syndicate
Jim Totty, Managing partner, Earth Capital

15:35– 16.15

Closing Keynote: From Blue Chip to Challenger Brands: How to nurture an innovation culture

A look at how businesses of all shapes and sizes can accelerate the development and deployment of the innovative clean technologies the world needs.

Paul Massara, Board Advisor, Habitat Energy

16.15– 16.25

Closing remarks and the opening of the BusinessGreen Technology Awards

James Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessGreen

16.30 - 18.00

BusinessGreen Technology Awards

The 2019 BusinessGreen Technology Awards. Click here to find out more.

Winners will be announced accompanied by drinks reception and further networking opportunities.


Please note: programme is subject to change