App of the Year

Kaluza - The Kaluza App
OnGen Expert
Plastic Patrol
Pure Planet
Syzygy Consulting - EVlab software
Yellow Octopus Fashion - reGain app


Building Technology of the Year

Accsys - Accoya wood
GridDuck - Energy management system
Minibems - Heat as a Service
NegaWatt Supply Company - Smart Energy Efficiency (SEE) platform
ProofShield Ltd - ProofTherm
Senergy - Senergy Solar Panels
Watering Pipe Ltd - The Wateringpipe


Future City Technology of the Year

Eaton Energy Aware
PfT Planning
SiFi Networks Ltd


Circular Economy Technology of the Year

Aceleron - Repairable lithium-ion battery
Brighton Remanufacture - E-Marketplace
Camscience Ltd - Remanufacturing of high value printing electronics
Filamentive - Sustainable 3D printing materials
Stuffstr - Closed loop clothing service
The Nu Wardrobe - Online sharing platform


International Impact Award

Envopap Ltd - Envopap Copy Paper
Spara Ltd - The Spara Project
Whitefox - Energy efficient ICM plants


Supply Chain/Logistics Technology of the Year

Halotrade and Project Trado
Parcelly - On-demand pick up and drop off network
Tried and Supplied - food service search and ordering platform


Packaging Innovation of the Year - New for 2019!

Captivate - Reusable, beverage flavouring bottle cap
Circla - Circular retail platform
Envopap Ltd - Envo barrier paper
First Mile - RecycleBox
Vegware - Compostable foodservice packaging


Transport Technology of the Year

Agile Charging - 'plug and play' EV fast charger
Kaluza - The Kaluza Platform
Meteor Power Ltd - Magnet free motor
Motive Zero Limited - Freight emissions reduction portfolio
SOMI Trailers Ltd - The SOMI Trailer
Syzygy Consulting - EVLab software
Transient Plasma Systems - Transient Plasma Ignition System
Transport2 - Kura app
UK Power Networks - Shift V2G smart charging trial
Urban Electric Ltd - UEone Pop-up charging hubs


Renewable Energy Technology of the Year

CEAD - CoERCe emissions capture technology
Eco Wave Power - Wave energy array
Limejump - Limejump Virtual Grid
Naked Energy - VirtuPVT
NVPE Technology - Wastewater-to-energy technology
powerQuad - Energy storage system
Skyrora - Ecosene
UK Power Networks - LoadShare
Zeigo - Renewables marketplace


Smart Grid Technology of the Year

GridBeyond - GridBeyond Point, intelligent energy technology platform
Kaluza - The Kaluza Platform
Limejump - Limejump Virtual Power Platform
Pivot Power - Energy Superhub
RheEnergise - Energy storage system
SiFi Networks Ltd - Smart city fibre networks
UK Power Networks - Active Network Management


R&D Programme of the Year

Camscience Ltd
Carbon Limiting Technologies
Meteor Power Limited
UK Power Networks


Start-up of the Year

Cyan Finance
Motive Zero Limited
Pivot Power
Ripple Energy
Urban Electric Networks Ltd


Innovator of the Year

Mike Edwards - Meteor Power Limited
Philip Keenan - Camscience Ltd
Erik Nygard - Limejump


Breakthrough of the Year

Camscience Ltd - Remanufacturing of high value printing electronics
C-Capture Ltd - CCUS technology
LifeArt - Coffin Technology for Cremations
Motive Zero Limited - Freight emissions reduction portfolio
Pro Earth - Pro Clean Water
Virgin Atlantic and Lanzatech - biofuel flight
Whitefox - Advanced biorefineries