App of the Year

Winner: Verv (by Green Running) - Intelligent home energy assistant
The judges were hugely impressed with Verv's combination of advanced AI technology and a highly intuitive and easy to use app, which is fast delivering on the promise of next generation smart home systems

Automotive Technology of the Year

Winner: Toyota (GB) PLC - Toyota Mirai
In this highly competitive category the judges were won over by the Mirai's remarkable performance, impressive environmental credentials, and Toyota's vision for how fuel cells can play a crucial role within a low carbon energy system

Highly Commended: Aeristech Ltd - sCharger

Building Technology of the Year

Winner: Demand Logic - Digital retrofit
In another highly competitive category the judges wanted to reward Demand Logic for its proven track record optimising building's environmental performance and the impressive environmental and financial ROI delivered by its 'digital refrotfits'

Highly Commended: AirEx - Smart ventilation control

Circular Economy Technology of the Year

Aceleron - Circular economy focused battery
The judges were won over by Aceleron's multi-faceted approach to tackling the issue of old batteries and the innovative technologies and business models it has deployed to make environmentally-friendly re-use a reality

Highly Commended: Cambridge Consultants - Smart recycling point

Clean and Cool Award for International Impact

Winner: Whitefox Technologies Limited
The judges deemed Whitefox Technologies the stand out entrant thanks to its highly scalable membrane technology, proven commercial success, and huge environmental savings

Bio-technology of the Year

Winner: Airponix Ltd - Food production technology
In a highly competitive category, the judges thought Airponix deserved the accolade for its game-changing advanced airponic, smart agricultural system which promises to tackle the multiple environmental challenges faced by the food industry

Highly Commended: Whitefox Technologies Limited - Whitefox ICE

Future City Technology of the Year

Winner: Verv (by Green Running) - Blockchain system
The judges were hugely impressed by Verv's Blockchain innovation and its potential to revolutionise and democratise the energy sector, slashing greenhouse gas emissions in the process

Marine Energy Technology of the Year

Winner: Scotrenewables Tidal Power - Floating tidal turbine
In another highly competitive category, the judges were won over by the technical breakthroughs and cost reductions on offer from Scotrenewables Tidal Power's innovative new floating turbine technology

Highly Commended: Nova Innovation Ltd - Offshore tidal array

Social Impact Technology of the Year

Winner: Community Action MK/SmartKlub - CAPE Community Action Portal for Energy
The judges were won over by the CAPE project's innovative, integrated, and satellite-enabled approach to engaging households and small businesses, and helping them deliver essential energy efficiency gains

Solar Technology of the Year

Winner: Huawei FusionSolar - SUN2000 60KTL, smart PV string inverter
The judges were won over by the multiple benefits on offer from Huawei FusionSolar's ground-breaking string inverter, not least its impressive efficiency and up-time statistics and its ability to help optimise solar farm designs.

Highly Commended: Renovagen Ltd - RAPID ROLL portable solar power system

Smart Grid Technology of the Year

Winner: OVO Energy - VCharge
In this extremely competitive category, OVO Energy took the plaudits for its highly innovative VCharge product and its approach to tackling the huge challenge presented by the need to decarbonise heat and integrate variable renewable power technologies on to the grid.

Highly Commended: Open Energi - Dynamic Demand 2.0
Highly Commended: Reactive Technologies - GridMetrix

Transport Technology of the Year

Winner: Meteor Power Limited - Electric and hybrid powertrains
Meteor Power emerged victorious this year with the judges praising the deep emissions and fuel savings it is already delivering through its growing portfolio of hybrid powertrain technologies

Clean Tech Start-up of the Year

Winner: AirEx
It's early days for AirEx, but the judges were left impressed by the company's smart ventilation system and its ability to bring energy-saving and health benefits while also helping to tackle fuel poverty

R&D Programme of the Year

Winner: TWI Ltd - Wind energy digital twin technology
The judges were won over by the project's consortium-led research approach and the tangible progress it has made tackling the major maintenance challenges faced by the wind and other renewables industries

Highly Commended: Tantalum Corporation - Air.Car project

Innovator of the Year

Winner: John Hingley - Renovagen Ltd
Renovagen's John Hingley impressed the judges with his exciting Rapid Roll technology, and his persistence in bringing to market a technology that could both slash emissions and help save lives in disaster zones

Highly Commended: Steve Lindsey - Lontra

Breakthrough of the Year

Winner: Quantum Technology Supersensors - Smart pressure sensors
Quantum Technology Supersensors won out thanks to a breakthrough technology that the judges agreed could bring environmentally friendly sensors to multiple industries, providing huge efficiency gains across the entire green economy

Highly Commended: Aqua21 - Water Treatment System

Technology of the Year

Winner: Verv (by Green Running) - Intelligent home energy assistant

It was a tough decision for the judges, but in the end Verv got the vote for technology of the year thanks to its rich smart functionality and its proven ability to engage consumers with the energy they are using

Highly Commended: Demand Logic - Digital retrofit
Highly Commended: OVO Energy - VCharge

Lifetime Achievement

Winner: Michael Liebreich

Michael Liebreich is an entrepreneur, analyst, engineer, and Olympic skier.

He is best known the founder of what was to become Bloomberg New Energy Finance - a role that established him as one of the world's most eloquent and outspoken advocates of clean technology and the prosperous and healthy future it can unlock.

But amongst many other roles he is a board member for Transport for London, a member of the high level advisory board of the UN's Sustainable Energy for All initiative, a Visiting Professor at the Imperial College Energy Futures Lab, a winner of the Ricardo Prize for Thermodynamics and the founder and chair of Finance for Resilience, the EcoVillages Association and the Liebreich Foundation.

In all his endeavors - not to mention his must follow and rarely anything less than forthright Twitter feed - he has made the case for innovation, entrepreneurship, competition and industrial transformation as the key to tackling the many challenges we face.

You may not always agree with every aspect of his analysis, but there is no doubting the verve, passion and insight with which it is delivered.

In a sector that can too often punch below its weight, he has brought some much needed clout to the clean tech industry's efforts to explain how it will shape the 21st century.