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 Towards Net Zero Energy

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The disruption and innovation underway in the energy sector is one of the most exciting, and one of the most daunting, components of the transition to a net zero emission economy.

The energy industry is simultaneously further ahead than any other sector in its pursuit of net zero status, thanks to the rapid deployment of clean power technologies, and uncertain as to how deep decarbonisation can be achieved, thanks to the challenge of deploying nascent green heat technologies at scale.

The clean energy revolution remains hugely popular and highly effective, yet the deployment of zero emission technologies is also politically controversial, while debates continue to rage over the best policy mechanisms for building a net zero emission systems.

For businesses, it is unclear whether it is best to let suppliers get on with the challenge of delivering net zero energy or whether corporate energy users should seize the opportunity to get involved and play a leading role in the development of a smart, distributed, clean energy system.

The BusinessGreen Leaders Briefing: Towards Net Zero Energy will provide business leaders with an invaluable insight into these crucial debates and many more, offering a clear overview and critical intelligence on how the net zero energy transition is evolving and how businesses should respond.

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