Towards Net Zero Building & Infrastructure 
Wednesday 25 September

Buildings and infrastructure are right at the core of the net zero transition, providing both the mechanisms for deep decarbonisation and the point at which green technologies and the people and businesses that rely on them interact.  The interlocking building, property, and infrastructure sectors largely understand the crucial role they have to play in accelerating the development of net zero solutions, and have set out a raft of targets and strategies to ensure they play a full role in the transition.

Moreover, the wider business community is increasingly demanding greener offices, factories, and supporting infrastructure, as they start to recognise the huge cost, reputational, and health benefits net zero property and communities can deliver. However, significant barriers remain, ranging from high upfront costs and competitiveness concerns to policy uncertainty, customer indifference, and industry conservativism.

For businesses it is often unclear how they can best catalyse the development of greener buildings, ensure low carbon infrastructure delivers on its promise, and optimise their existing properties, especially when they continue to face structural disincentives for action and insufficiently ambitious policy environments.

The BusinessGreen Leaders Briefing: Towards Net Zero Buildings and Infrastructure will investigate the critical role buildings have to play in the emergence of a net zero economy and the way in which businesses can benefit from the development of greener buildings and infrastructure. Bringing together an expert line-up of speakers and key business stakeholders it will provide guidance on the best practices that are developing to drive the adoption of net zero buildings and infrastructure, explore the business case for such developments, and ask how policies and investments can help accelerate these trends.


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