BusinessGreen Leaders Summit

Wednesday 23 October 2019 | The Crystal, London
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The green economy has never had so much riding on it. From street protests and scientific warnings to parliamentary debates and corporate strategies, the climate emergency and the critical need to build a net zero emission economy is suddenly everywhere. Whatever happens next one thing is clear: all businesses face a decade of disruption as the green economy enters its most exciting period yet. Firms can choose to either drive that disruption - seizing opportunities along the way - or fall victim to it.

That is the economy-shaping backdrop for this year's BusinessGreen Leaders Summit, now in its third year, which will return to The Crystal in London on 23 October. Preparing for a decade of disruption is the over-arching theme for a day that will bring together top green executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, campaigners, and politicians to explore the next phase of the net zero transition, the emergence of circular economy business models, and the impact of emerging clean technologies and rapidly evolving consumer trends.

There has never been a more important time to have these discussions. In the past six months, the IPCC, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg, and the Committee on Climate Change have all cranked up the pressure on governments and leading corporates to engineer a step change in climate action. This pressure will only intensify and many top businesses and exciting start-ups are already committed to responding through ever more ambitious sustainability strategies and clean tech investments.

But for many organisations the question of precisely how to respond to escalating climate risks and green opportunities remains hugely challenging.

The BusinessGreen Leaders Summit and BusinessGreen's wider Net Zero Now campaign are dedicated to exploring this crucial question. This year's Summit will provide an invaluable opportunity for business leaders to see how companies are harnessing the multiple environmental and economic benefits clean technologies and sustainable development models can offer.

Highlights for 2019

⭐️ Inform, Connect, Inspire - In keeping with BusinessGreen's mission, our curated programme will offer the insights on the latest green business developments, the opportunity to meet with peers, and genuine inspiration as you embark on the next phase of your sustainability journey
⭐️ Net Zero Now - An inside look at how businesses will shape the net zero transition
⭐️ Themed streams - Net Zero | Circular Economy | Energy | Technology & Investment
⭐️ Panel discussions - featuring leading figures from politics and business
⭐️ Keynote sessions - Business | Politics | Science