BusinessGreen Leaders Briefing 

Towards Net Zero Transport

Tuesday 19 March - London

The internationally agreed goals contained in the Paris Agreement are as clear as the ever more vocal warnings from climate scientists: in order to avoid potentially catastrophic levels of climate change and deliver genuinely sustainable development the world must build a net zero emission economy as soon as possible.

As part of its Net Zero Now campaign, BusinessGreen will this year seek to support this historic endeavour through a series of major new events dedicated to exploring the many opportunities and challenges that come with the net zero transition.

Each quarter we will host a different Towards Net Zero conference, bringing together leading businesses, investors, policymakers, and commentators from four critical sectors to discuss how net zero strategies can be developed and accelerated.

This exclusive conference, the first in our new series, will explore the emerging technologies and business models that will allow businesses to deliver deep decarbonisation across their fleets and logistics operations. It will provide an invaluable briefing on best practices for embracing zero emission automotive options, an update on how to tackle aviation emissions, and an overview of the latest thinking on how to develop green shipping and logistics services.



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