Thank you for attending the 2018 BusinessGreen Leaders Summit!

After a great success with our inaugural Leaders' Summit last year, this one-day conference will return on October 16th at The Crystal in London with a new theme: mainstreaming green business innovation.

This year's BusinessGreen Leaders' Summit will bring together some of the worlds' top green executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, campaigners, and politicians to explore how the pace, reach, and adoption of green business innovation can be accelerated, and the barriers to adoption overcome.

Innovation is critical to the future development of the green economy. Tackling climate change and other environmental challenges is impossible without new waves of green business and clean tech innovation. That is why the government is right to make innovation a central plank of the UK's new Clean Growth Strategy.

The event will provide a show case for the businesses, technologies and entrepreneurs that are already demonstrating how low carbon innovation can deliver multiple environmental and economic benefits. It will explore a wide range of inter-related topics, such as how to deliver deep emissions reductions, how to switch to clean technologies, and how to build circular economy business models. A range of panel discussions and case studies will provide both clean tech providers and leading mainstream businesses with the opportunity to assess how innovation can be nurtured and scaled.

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Highlights for the 2018 Edition:

⭐️Researched programme - including inputs from previous delegates and BusinessGreen readers
⭐️Panel discussions - featuring leading figures in politics and business
⭐️Keynote sessions - Business | Politics | Science
⭐️Cutting-edge case studies - from leading businesses in the green sphere on their innovative new processes
⭐️Networking opportunities - abundance of opportunities throughout the day
⭐️On stage interview - with James Murray, BusinessGreen's Editor-in-Chief, and a high-profile green leader