Navigating the TCFD Maze
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The recommendations from the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) could prove to be one of the defining developments in the global effort to tackle climate change and build a global green economy. This is not hyperbole. Far from being just another business acronym or dry reporting requirement, the TCFDs could prove to be the lever that forces environmental considerations into the board room and places climate action at the heart of corporate strategy.

A growing band of investors, analysts, and sustainability executives have recognised how the TCFD's combination of enhanced climate risk disclosure, stress testing, and scenario-planning will not only require firms to get a better handle on the climate risks and opportunities they face, but will also provide a trigger for a new wave of ambitious environmental initiatives.

However, a number of surveys have demonstrates how corporate awareness of the TCFDs and their implications remains relatively low, while even those companies that are engaging with the recommendations are often unclear on how best to ensure they deliver the promised benefits.

Consequently, this September BusinessGreen will host its inaugural BusinessGreen Leaders' Briefing half-day conference on the subject of the TCFDs, offering sustainability executives, financial directors, investors, and other stakeholders the opportunity to access the latest guidance on how to navigate the TCFD maze and embrace fast-evolving trend for more sophisticated climate risk disclosure.

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Highlights for September's Edition:

⭐️Researched programme - including inputs from previous delegates and BusinessGreen readers
⭐️Workshops - run by CDBS and CDP, the experts and leaders in TCFD recommendation
⭐️Cutting-edge case studies - from  industry leaders providing their insight into their TCFD plans
⭐️Networking opportunities - abundance of opportunities throughout the day


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