Programme List - BusinessGreen Leaders Briefing 2018


08.30 – 09.00
Registration and breakfast
09.00 – 09.10


Opening Address
James Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessGreen



  •          Why are the TCFDs so important to all businesses?


09.10 – 09.40
Keynote: What are the TCFDs and how should businesses respond?
Saker Nusseibeh, CEO, Hermes Investment Management


  •          Where have the TCFDs originated from? A short history.
  •           What do TCFDs require?
  •            What actions have businesses been taking in response to the introduction of TCFDs?


09.40 – 10.10
Keynote: Process and Compliance for TCFD


  •           What should businesses be doing to comply with the TCFD recommendations?  
  •         In what ways can you ensure that your reporting process delivers tangible benefits to your organisation?


10.10 – 10.55
Panel discussion: Can TCFD bring organisational benefits?
Alice Garton, Head of Climate Programme, ClientEarth
  •           Why have the TCFD recommendations been introduced?
  •           Why are businesses being encouraged to embrace them? Should they be?
  •           In what ways can the recommendations enhance business performance?
  •          In what ways can the recommendations enhance environmental performance?  


10.55 – 11.25
Morning break, networking, and visit to the exhibition area
11.25 – 11.40
TCFD Case Study - A leading corporate offers insight into is TCFD plans
Caroline Hill, Head of Sustainability & Public Affairs, Landsec
11.40 – 11.55
TCFD Case Study - A leading investor reveals how it is engaging with TCFD disclosures
11.55 – 12.10
TCFD Case Study - A leading corporate offers insight into is TCFD plans
12.10 – 12.40
Workshop 1: Starting the journey.


  •          How to begin your TCFD disclosure journey.
  •           How to build support within the organisation for TCFD reporting.
  •           Explaining and understanding the tangible benefits of the recommendations.  


12.40 – 13.10
Workshop 2: Reporting and good practice.


  •           What pitfalls should you look out for in TCFD compliance?
  •           How to embrace reporting best practices?
  •           How to permeate TCFD good practice to the rest of the organisation?


13.10 – 13.40
Closing keynote: The future of TCFD
Mary Creagh MP, Chair of the Environmental Audit Committee


  •           Will TCFDs remain a recommendation, or will they eventually become mandatory?
  •           What is the likelihood of more pressure from investors and campaigners?  
  •           Will companies be required to turn their climate risk disclosures into a credible climate action plan?




Closing Remarks
James Murray, Editor-in-Chief, BusinessGreen


13.45 – 14.30
Lunch and networking